加拿大死亡之路 Death Road to Canada
104.00MB 角色扮演


New content update added! More updates coming, see below for details.
Death Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG. You manage a group of jerks as they explore cities, find weird people, and face up to 500 zombies at once. Everything''''s randomized: locations, events, survivor personalities and skills. There''''s a different story every time you play.
Travel the Death Road from Florida to Canada, the last nation on Earth. Find special events, rare encounters, and unique recruits. Recruit a grunting super-bodybuilder who''''s strong enough to pick up and throw the car. Try to teach a dog how to walk upright and shoot a minigun.
Most of all, get eaten by enormous hordes of slow, classic-style zombies.
- Designed for massive amounts of replay value.
- Character Maker lets you put friends and family into the game.
- Meet your custom characters during your travels. Get them eaten by mistake or on purpose.
- Make tough choices in text events that change depending on your group.
- Your team has different personalities, and someone may betray the others. Be careful!
- Lots and lots of secret events and unique characters with special abilities.
- Equip a wide variety of different weapons. Splat zombies with a flamethrower, battleaxe, hockey stick, wizard staff (lightning bolt), Mjolnir, boomerang, and much more.
- Canada jokes written by a real Canadian so they''''re 100% accurate.
- Get rid of all humans and make an entire team composed of dogs driving the car.
- Airhorn weapon with incredibly realistic, computer-generated airhorn sounds.
Update Plans
Another update planned for around May. We''''re going to add a new location type, along with new weapons, characters, rare trading camps, and tweaks.
As always, with big content updates we will increase the price by a dollar!


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